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For Chicago-based businesses, WordPress offers elegant design options you need to create a user-friendly interface and draw traffic to your website.

WordPress: An evolving software for the evolving web

While WordPress was originally designed for blogging, it’s evolved into one of the Web’s most dynamic content management systems. WordPress is open-source software, which means a community of users constantly updates its features, themes, and capabilities to meet technological advances.

With its easy installation and quick upgrades, WordPress remains at the cutting edge of web design and development. No matter how you want to use WordPress—whether it’s designing applications or installing custom plug-ins—click5 Interactive can help you use the software to its fullest potential.

With WordPress you can

Custom theme

Unleash your design vision and click5 will develop a custom WordPress theme for your brand.

Quickly publish

Quickly publish new posts and pages. WordPress offers a publishing platform that makes storing drafts, uploading media, and scheduling publication remarkably easy.

Maintain control

Maintain control of your content. Unlike with hosting services, WordPress allows you to retain control of your data, rather than uploading it to someone else’s server. This grants you both the freedom and security you need to keep your site up-to-date.

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click5 Interactive:
Delivers WordPress
Expertise to You

Our goal is to make sure you get the website you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you’re a university or business, working on an eCommerce site or simply need help developing an application, we can use WordPress to meet your design needs. Furthermore, we’ll help you use WordPress as well-our staff is happy to share its expertise with you to make sure you can maintain your website.

Our approach is interactive and reflexive to ensure your website works the way you want it to. After launch, we’ll review the design and make any tweaks you need to ensure you get the traffic you want and turn visitors into paying clients.

With our experience and your vision, we’ll use WordPress to design a site that is intuitive, accessible, and optimizes conversion across platforms. You’ll be dazzled by what we can do-and so will your target market.